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The newly introduced programs help to automate different manufacturing areas. They read out machine data and process it into meaningful information that is output in the form of visualized messages and status updates. It starts with the machine monitor, which checks the performance of the production equipment. It provides information on its productivity, availability, and maintenance status. Number 2 is the Notifier app. Messages will be sent to the responsible personnel if machines fall below certain key indicator values, for example. The program combines data from different SCADA systems or apps centrally and forwards it to individually definable recipients. Thirdly, the performance monitor provides asset availability and productivity information as the foundation for further optimization and efficiency improvement. KPIs (key performance indicators) can be defined and the data history can also be used as the basis for a visualized analysis.

In the past, Siemens introduced the Fleet Manager and the Visual Analyzer to MindSphere-compatible solutions for industrial IoT use and has continuously expanded their functionality . Siemens will also present the three new MindSphere apps at the Hannover Fair 2018 .