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One of the tips is the principle of segmentation and differentiation down to batch size 1. After all, that which was previously unthinkable is now possible: the customized design of the supply chain for individual customers as well as market or product segments. The German Industry 4.0 index 2017 by the consulting firm Staufen had already made the following findings on the basis of a survey of 394 companies: "With Industry 4.0, a long-held dream of the manufacturing industry could become reality: manufacturing customized products under the conditions of mass production." 20% of respondents said they were already capable of doing so. On the other hand, 28% predicted that they would not be ready for another two to five years.

Another important issue for the digitized supply chain, according to Camelot, is the use of real-time demand signals in operational planning and execution. So-called supply chain flight radars are also seeing increased use; they provide real-time transparency across the entire supply chain, thus enabling faster decisions.

Camelot provides all six tips for reframing supply chain management, along with its benefits and challenges, in a free download in English .