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SMA Solar Technology is a leading specialist in photovoltaic system technology. “PV inverters are system-critical components that are subject to stringent safety requirements,” says SMA CEO Dr. Jürgen Reinert. SMA has invested €5 million to set up a test infrastructure featuring laboratories , manufacturing testing systems, and its own ground-based PV systems at its headquarters in Niestetal/Kassel. On 740 m2 of laboratory space, devices weighing up to 30 tons and emitting as much as 200 kW of waste heat can be tested, whereby it will be possible to measure radiated interference and interference immunity at distances of up to 10 m.

The tests for electromagnetic compatibility will ensure that the electronic components installed in the inverters and other devices do not cause any interference that could affect or disrupt other applications. At the same time, the EMC tests will prevent external electromagnetic waves from having any damaging effect on the devices. The facility will be capable of testing a range of devices, including future generations of the recently launched Sunny Central UP central inverter. There are also plans to make the test facility available to external companies in the fields of e-mobility and wind energy, for example.