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Turck, based in Mülheim, is a global partner for factory, process and logistics automation in numerous industries. With its digitally networkable solutions for efficient automation systems, the company sees itself as a pioneer of Industry 4.0 and IioT. As a specialist for smart sensor technology and decentralized automation, Turck brings intelligence to and into the machine and not only provides robust I/O solutions in IP67, but also user-friendly software and services for the reliable acquisition, transmission and processing of relevant production data - from the sensor to the cloud.

Small format, extended possibilities

The latest achievements from the Mülheim-based company include four read/write heads in M12 design and an in-metal tag in a compact format of four by three millimeters, with which Turck is expanding its RFID product portfolio. According to the manufacturer, the combination of data carrier and read/write head in miniature design enables the reliable identification of even the smallest metal objects in confined spaces. Counterfeit protection applications for spare parts and consumables in particular could benefit from this. According to Turck, the solution is typically used in mechanical engineering, in woodworking or CNC machine tools as well as in packaging technology and electronics production.

Reliable component identification with integrated security

With a freely usable memory of 316 bytes and integrated password protection, the mini data carrier with the SLIX2 chip from NXP can be used as a digital type plate for unique component identification. This allows manufacturer data, technical specifications or maintenance history to be stored in order to implement effective anti-plagiarism measures in machines or other applications. The password function of the data carrier protects against unauthorized reading and overwriting of information. Alternative billing models can also be implemented by recording machine running times and component lifetimes.

Flexible mounting options and cost efficiency thanks to HF bus mode

The read/write heads are available for both flush and non-flush mounting. A variant that supports HF bus mode is also available for both options. In HF bus mode, up to 32 read/write heads can be installed cost-effectively in line topology, which again significantly reduces the installation effort. In combination with the RFID data carrier, the read/write heads offer numerous variation options for different applications.