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For operators or original equipment manufacturers of machines and plants, it is crucial that the drives used there are resistant, reliable and easy to maintain. With the introduction of Generation X.e in 2019, SEW-EURODRIVE met these requirements in an efficient manner. Now the Baden-based specialists for drive and automation technology are going one better. During the design in the mechanical and thermal areas, all possibilities and cross-influences were again analyzed - with a number of positive results at once: Increased safety as well as an increase in efficiency and sustainability, and all this in an installation space that is one size smaller.

Optimization as a continuous process

The latest calculation methods and the application of digital data models formed the basis for the successful performance increase of Generation X.e. In general, the knowledge gained from field and test bench tests as well as simulations is continuously incorporated into SEW-EURODRIVE's own calculation landscape, thus almost inevitably improving its accuracy and reliability. The mechanical and thermal design of the X.e series was also constantly re-evaluated on this basis. In combination with the component-side optimizations already implemented in the past, this results in even higher thermal limit performances, a significantly longer bearing service life and an increase in nominal torques. In addition, larger angles of attack are now permissible at maximum lateral force load.

Less is more

For the user, these optimizations also result in the use of a smaller gear unit size. In addition to saving oil volume, lower energy consumption and lower total cost of ownership (TCO), this also allows the installation space and weight to be reduced in the user's own design. Nevertheless, even with highly loaded drives, mechanical safety and thus damage prevention are further increased. Lower oil bath temperatures and longer bearing life are also expected to extend maintenance intervals during the operating period.

The right solution for everyone

With 23 finely graduated sizes, Generation X.e helical and bevel-helical gear units cover the torque range from 7.2 to 500 kilonewtons. The extensive modular program and the large number of predefined additional equipment and options are also intended to provide a high degree of flexibility for adaptation to the application situation. Regardless of whether you are a plant builder or operator, Generation X.e now offers an even more suitable solution for every requirement, according to the Bruchsal-based company.