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In mid-February, a group of invited international journalists traveled to Espelkamp to attend the HARTING Technology Group's two-day trade press conference. At the company's headquarters and also at the subsequent HANNOVER MESSE Preview, HARTING experts provided a deeper insight into the sustainable and innovative HARTING products as well as upcoming highlights, and then answered questions from the attending trade journalists. This all took place under the guiding theme of "Industrial Transformation - Making the Difference", which focused on areas such as carbon-neutral production, energy management and digitalization.

Pure trade show feeling

All of this ensured a pure trade fair feeling in the run-up to HANNOVER MESSE 2023: "Our trade press conference and the HANNOVER MESSE Preview showed me once again that now that it's possible again, people are particularly looking for personal exchange," said Philip Harting, CEO of the HARTING Technology Group, who was delighted with the large number of participants.

From environmentally friendly processes to sustainable buildings and new goals During the "Green at HARTING" presentation, journalists learned all about the Technology Group's sustainability at home and abroad. From environmentally friendly processes and sustainable buildings to the goals for the future. The presentation "We are shaping a green future" focused on connectors and cable solutions for hydrogen and electrical energy charging. The presentation "Pushing Technology" dealt with the technological expansion of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) and the development of new fields of application through data transmission over longer distances. The technology makes do with only one pair of wires, thus saving costs and resources by using less copper. At the same time, SPE offers optimum sensor-to-cloud communication. Finally, the presentation "Excellence in Connectivity" focused on energy transformation. Products such as the Han-Modular Domino Module or the Han S 12 are expected to contribute significantly to the success of energy-oriented transformation projects. In addition, another connector will celebrate its premiere. More details will be revealed at HANNOVER MESSE.


But Harting is reaching even further. Under the catchphrase "Connectivity+", the company is devoting itself to forward-looking technologies in which the three societal megatrends of sustainability, (de)globalization and demographic change are to serve as guiding principles for product development. According to Harting, all three areas are so great a challenge that, on the one hand, there is no getting around them, but on the other hand, they cannot be solved as a single company. Nevertheless, it is Harting's ambition to derive concrete technologies from them. In the course of this, HARTING will be showcasing connectivity and cabling solutions for renewable and decentralized energy supply, ecosystems for digitalization, connectors and more for an efficient and sustainable lifecycle at this year's HANNOVER MESSE.

The socially relevant topics at this year's HANNOVER MESSE thus go hand in hand with the issues that are close to HARTING's heart: Shaping the future with sustainable technologies for people.