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in-GmbH is coming to HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to demonstrate how businesses can best harness the enormous potential for added value that industrial digitization has to offer within the context of Industry 4.0. Using a variety of use cases based on the "sphinx open online" IoT platform, in-GmbH - which specializes in integrated, transparent and optimized business processes - provides workflows for networked production lines. The platform's "Model in the Middle" approach, when combined with machine learning, allows users to integrate, digitize and optimize complex systems. Whether it's a smart factory, smart devices or smart service - the platform is designed to make complexity more transparent and support decision-making, while also allowing for autonomous intervention. The "sphinx open online" platform is already being used worldwide in production management technology, energy management, facility management, logistics and other areas.

Besides presenting a number of use cases, in-GmbH is also showcasing a genuine first: "We're unveiling a model factory at our site in Konstanz that is controlled remotely over the internet. Using OPC UA, the automation level is connected to 'sphinx open online', which is run on an edge device. Workpieces are transported between warehouses, machining centers, sorting plants and dispatching areas using handling robots and conveyor belts. From PLC-level up, the software structure matches that of a real factory. Relevant conditions and derived parameters are monitored using cloud-based dashboards, and the system is able to intervene where necessary. The "Model in the Middle" software can be used not only to provide clients with data, but also to orchestrate workflows across multiple systems. What's more, dashboards can be selected and values retrieved or influenced using the optional voice control function. Visitors can watch how settings and adjustments pan out in the factory via video," says Siegfried Wagner, Managing Director of in-integrierte informationssysteme GmbH.