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The sonnen Group , market leader for smart energy storage and portfolio company of eCAPITAL AG , is building a new production facility in Adelaide, South Australia. From autumn 2018, around 10,000 sonnen batteries per year are to be produced there for Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. The connection of thousands of sonnen batteries also creates a virtual large-scale battery that compensates for wind and solar energy fluctuations in the electricity grid. The storage units can participate in electricity trading.

"In South Australia, the conversion to renewable energies is taking place in fast forward," says Christoph Ostermann, CEO of sonnen. "Since private households are mostly responsible for the development, the demand for own consumption electricity storage units is increasing rapidly. The connection of households in our virtual power plant also allows us to balance supply and demand in the electricity grid. sonnen benefits from an ambitious South Australian government funding program totaling 100 million Australian dollars (around 60 million euros). It supports the purchase of home storage units with the condition that the power storage unit must be part of a virtual power plant.