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Judging subtle differences - that is what Polytec GmbH has set out to do with its latest generation of industrial vibration sensors. Polytec laser vibration sensors have a long and successful track record as precision measuring instruments for quality control applications in a production environment or for use directly on the production line itself. In launching the IVS-500 industrial vibration sensor, Polytec has now set out to raise the bar in vibro-acoustic quality inspection for the precise evaluation of parts and components. The new generation of industrial vibration sensors is designed to boost productivity and competitiveness by eliminating the problem of false rejects. The non-contact system achieves this by taking care of pass/fail decisions with laser precision.

Thanks to its robust design and maintenance-free sensor technology, the IVS-500 industrial vibration sensor is said to deliver reliable measurements even in harsh, noisy production environments and for virtually all surfaces. The laser also uses auto and remote focus functions to adjust its aim for alternating component geometries, while working distances of up to three meters provide added flexibility when integrating the system into a test bench. What's more, the broad frequency spectrum of up to 100 kHz supports measurements in the ultrasonic range and the reliable laser Doppler process is designed to ensure measurements are valid at all times. Since it doesn't require any complex special fixtures or other moving parts, the sensor is virtually maintenance free, which means that, all things considered, the IVS-500 can play a key role in delivering high levels of productivity in manufacturing processes.