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Access to the Spanish 5G network is possible only with a device from Xiaomi, the Samsung S10 5G and the LG V50, Vodafone’s Spanish head Antonio Coimbra has admitted according to the Tagesschau newspaper ; initially, the iPhone will be left on the outside. As will those on vacation from other countries: they would need 5G cell phone contracts in their home countries to use 5G in Spain via roaming. But contracts of that sort are not yet being offered outside Spain. Spain’s development of 5G is also likely to cause consternation in the USA: Spain has opted for cooperation with the Chinese equipment provider Huawei, against the wishes of the Trump administration.

In Germany, regular 5G operation will probably not start until 2021 at the earliest. Here many companies are attracted by setting up their own campus networks that are independent of the network operators. According to a survey by TÜV Rheinland, this is being considered by about half of all German companies. 5G is regarded as a key technology for industry because manufacturing companies require fast data throughput at high bandwidths for connecting and controlling machines and robots.