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Leaks are always a pain, no matter when or where they occur. If you don't get the situation quickly under control, you're often left facing some serious damage. Luckily, WEICON has decided to put an end to the problem. The specialist manufacturer of adhesives and sealants has developed the Allround Sealing Spray for filling the finest cracks and seams simply and securely both indoors and out.

If this sealing spray lives up to WEICON's promises, then it certainly earns the "Allround" in its name. The company assures this extremely adhesive sprayable plastic can seal leaks quickly and easily in all sorts of areas such as gutters, sewage and drainage pipes, trailers, motorhomes, boats, roofs, windows, pool walls, pond foils and cellar or ventilation shafts. The Allround Sealing Spray is said to adhere to virtually any surface - be it made of stone, metal, plastic, wood or enamel. It takes around two to four hours to cure and is subsequently waterproof, weatherproof and resistant to UV rays. What’s more, users can even paint over it. The spray protects metals against corrosion, is free of both bitumen and silicone, and is designed to retain its elasticity even in the event of extreme temperature fluctuations.

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