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According to compressor specialist Kaeser, while trade fairs usually focus on further developments and innovations, product development is always geared to the needs and requirements of customers. However, it is not only the optimization of individual products that is the benchmark for innovation, but also the mode of operation and the interaction of all components of a compressed air station. Thus, all Kaeser products are carefully designed, thought through and built in Germany before they make their way around the world. As a compressed air system provider, Kaeser has solutions for virtually every industrial compressed air need. When it comes to launching new products, HANNOVER MESSE in particular plays a major role as the leading industrial trade fair for Kaeser compressors - and has done so since 1954.

More efficient and frugal than ever before

This year, Kaeser's focus is on the CSD/CSDX screw compressors and the oil-free CSG series. Screw compressors are something like the reliable backbone of industrial compressed air generation. Kaeser Kompressoren's innovative CSD/CSDX series with numerous features is now designed to produce compressed air even more efficiently, reliably and with lower energy costs than ever before - thus also reducing the CO2 footprint. The lower energy consumption is realized through various innovative measures. For example, the series scores with the best possible energy efficiency classes in the drive - whether with speed control (IE5) or fixed speed (IE4). The heart of all compressors is also a compressor block specially developed for this performance range with the aerodynamically optimized Sigma profile. These and other optimization measures, such as the speed-controlled fan motors, have significantly improved the energy efficiency of the compressor system as a whole. The fluid filter element is also in line with the sustainable system concept: It is metal-free and can be disposed of thermally after use without further treatment.

The sum of many advantages

But it is not only in terms of efficiency that the series is convincing. Accessibility to all relevant components and ease of maintenance have been improved by the new design. In addition to the standard versions, Kaeser also offers versions with an attached refrigeration dryer module, which allows compressed air generation and drying on a small footprint. The refrigeration dryer is dimensioned for high ambient temperatures and operates with very low pressure loss. Compared with the previous version, it also features significantly reduced energy consumption and a refrigerant quantity that is around 25 percent lower. The dryer is housed in a separate casing and is therefore not negatively affected thermally by the waste heat from the compressor. The CSD and CSDX are also available with speed control and, like the standard units, are designed for optimized economy, operational reliability and ease of maintenance.

A model student in its class, and not only in terms of energy efficiency

Some industries place particularly high demands on compressed air quality, for example in the pharmaceutical, food, medical and chemical industries. If these high compressed air requirements also need to be met particularly economically, decision-makers should take a look at the oil-free compressing screw compressors of the CSG series from Kaeser. However, the new models are not only particularly efficient, they also require noticeably less space, because the CSG series enables highly efficient compressed air generation on a 19 percent smaller footprint than the previous series. The models are available air- or water-cooled, with integrated refrigeration dryer or i.HOC (Heat of Compression Dryer) and for volume flows from four to 15 cubic meters per minute. Speed-controlled SFC versions are available for applications with fluctuating compressed air requirements.

Pharmaceutical and food industries benefit

Kaeser was already known for its high-quality, durable compressor blocks with the efficient Sigma profile. These are now also being installed in the CSG series for the first time. The rotors have a coating that is particularly resistant to wear and temperature. This ensures lasting efficiency. In addition, the innovative PEEK coating is excellently adapted to the requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industries. It is biocompatible, FDA certified and meets the requirements for food contact materials in Europe.