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1. Who are you and where do you come from?
We, MotionMiners GmbH, are a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics and have developed the Motion Mining® technology. We still remain loyal to the founding location and are pleased that our headquarters are located in the Technology Center of the TU Dortmund University.

2. Please briefly describe your product or solutions
How does Motion Mining® work? Employees at production or logistics sites, for example, wear mobile sensors (wearables) to record manual work processes as they are performed. In addition, we place small mobile transmitters (beacons) at the respective “place of action”, which enable an indoor localization of the employees. With the help of machine learning algorithms, work steps are automatically reconstructed from the activity and localization data and made available in clear diagrams. These diagrams form the basis of a data analysis to analyze manual work processes in terms of efficiency and ergonomics. In this way, optimization and savings potentials can be uncovered very easily and quickly. There is no personal information within the generated process data and analysis results, so that process analyses using Motion-Mining® are GDPR-compliant!

3. What was or is your biggest challenge?
Clearly: The trade fair month of May :D - 2 large trade fairs are taking place simultaneously and it feels like all events have been reactivated since April 2022, which is pleasing at first. Nevertheless, this means a high presence effort, which we will currently master well due to our team growth and are therefore very much looking forward to this sprint!

4. Which are your target markets/target groups?
Originally developed for the analysis of logistical processes, Motion-Mining® offers a wide range of possible applications in this field. Since 2017, we have been advising customers worldwide on intralogistics work processes.
In addition to intralogistics, there are other areas of application in which Motion-Mining® can be used as a promising analysis tool. Especially in manufacturing companies, production processes usually account for the highest share of value creation. Accordingly, the adjustment screws and the achievable savings are large in this area. Since many processes in production are controlled by people, we have adapted the Motion-Mining® technology in close cooperation with industrial engineering from the various industries to the specific needs of production and always for the target industries of logistics, production, automotive and retail further developed.

5. What are your goals at HANNOVER MESSE?
We are especially looking forward to a physical get-together and knowledge-hungry visitors from our target industries who have not yet had anything to do with Motion Mining®. Our product range has evolved over the past years and we would like to take the opportunity to finally present it to the public again. In addition, we are very much looking forward to taking along impulses, which will certainly result from various expert discussions. All in all: We are looking forward to being “on tour” again in May 2022!