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1. Who are you and where do you come from?
We (Florian, 38 years old, and Andi, 35 years old) are from Munich. We met each other at university and both always wanted to do our own thing. Directly after our automotive engineering studies, partly because of the market situation, we set up our own engineering office in 2009. AFR Engineering GmbH is a development service provider for engine development at BMW M and for product development at Datalogic. The company is still growing constantly and there are always new ideas and projects. Based on our many years of experience with product development of industrial PCs at AFR Engineering GmbH, the idea of NIMMSTA was born in 2019. We are the managing directors. Florian is the technical head of the NIMMSTA project and I primarily take care of marketing and sales. We enable freehand workflows that revolutionize logistics and intralogistics.

2. Please briefly describe your product or solutions
The NIMMSTA HS 50 is three-in-one – a smart watch, an industrial scanner and an e-paper touch display – that enables all work processes, especially in the logistics sector, to run up to 40 percent more efficiently. At 45 grams, the HS 50 is the lightest and smallest back-of-hand scanner on the market and captures 1D, 2D, POSTAL and DOT barcodes up to four meters away at a high performance level. The interactive touch display provides users with all relevant data for the scanning process and accepts entries and confirmations, which eliminates the need for an additional input and display device. The customer can customize the touch display using the NIMMSTA software, so the HS 50 adapts to customer requirements and not the other way around.

3. What was or is your biggest challenge?
The biggest challenge is finding the right employees and putting together the right team. People are the most important thing for us. They must have the skills as well as an attitude that fits with our philosophy. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right people. If we had gotten our NIMMSTA team together earlier, we would have realized our idea two years earlier, but it is not always that easy.

4. Which are your target markets/target groups?
The entire logistics industry. All companies that have intralogistics are our potential customers. Our market in Germany alone is huge.

5. What are your goals at HANNOVER MESSE?
We are really looking forward to the show, especially after the long break. The pandemic started right at the start of our sales in 2020, so we are excited and look forward to showing our product to all visitors who stop by.