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1. Who are you and where do you come from?
We are Q.ANT, a startup based in Stuttgart. Q.ANT GmbH was founded in 2018 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the TRUMPF Group.

2. Please briefly describe your product or solutions
Q.ANT uses innovative photonic processes to industrialize quantum technology for sensors and computing. We develop novel sensors and photonic computer chips based on our Quantum Photonic Framework. At HANNOVER MESSE, we will show the world's first industrial-grade quantum sensors in action. These sensors enable measurements of particles in gases or liquids or as a powder that are not possible with conventional measurement technology. Together with the sensor specialist SICK, we are presenting a quantum sensor that can be used to check the quality of coffee. The sensor measures the size and shape of the grain, which play a crucial role in the different flavors of the coffee. Together with the control and automation specialist FESTO, we are showing a sensor for an algae reactor that provides precise and real-time information about the growth and vitality of the organisms inside the system.

3. What was or is your biggest challenge?
The greatest challenge was developing our Quantum Photonic Framework with the mastery and control of the entire optical and electronic process chain up to data processing. This includes the conversion of electrons into photons, the creation and exploitation of optical quantum effects and the reconversion of photonic quantum information into electrical signals and data. This framework is at the heart of all product development.

4. Which are your target markets/target groups?
The fields of application for Q.ANT’s products of sensor technology for the chemical and biotechnical process industry, medical technology and diagnostics, autonomous driving, imaging technology, and quantum computing. Development partnerships with other companies play an important role in this. Q.ANT also leads research consortiums for several quantum-technology projects funded by Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research.

5. What are your goals at HANNOVER MESSE?
We use the show to present our products and our developments in the field of quantum technologies. Of course, this also contributes to further publicizing and image building of the Q.ANT brand. Recruiting also plays an important role for us.