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There are items in our everyday lives that involve amazing technology when you take a closer look. Adhesive tape is an excellent example: uses such as sealing packages or masking surfaces for paint jobs do not even begin to exhaust the possibilities of these tapes. In their 113-year history they have evolved from the forerunner of all adhesive tapes (Leukoplast by Beiersdorf) to a modern, universal tool with thousands of uses. The coating experts at CMC Klebetechnik are particularly at home in some of the interesting niche applications, and are exhibiting their skills with highly specialized and individualized solutions at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

CMC Klebetechnik has been coating film materials with adhesive and functional coatings for five decades. Their products range from silicon-free electroplating masking tapes to industrial adhesive tapes made of insulation materials such as Nomex, Kapton, Aptiv, Maylor or Hostaphan, Teonex or fiberglass cloth – and they are not limited to metal tapes. The company’s latest developments involve directing, reflecting and diffusing LED light. One of the firm’s major strengths is also the ability to execute customized developments, and where necessary perform contract coating.

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