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Greater flexibility in everyday working life, new management concepts, breaking up and transforming ossified structures – many companies want to prepare their organization for the future. But how can a successful transformation be carried out? The Fraunhofer IAO has investigated this fundamental question in the context of the study Transformation of Worlds of Work . It is based on a survey of around 1,600 office workers from all levels and areas, in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large companies and in many different sectors. For all the respondents, organizational, technological and/or spatial changes had taken place in the last three years in the area of working structures.

The keys to success were shown to be the following: The more comprehensive and the faster the approach to changing working structures, the better the transformation. It is particularly important that the company management acts as the driving force behind the changes required and is able to involve employees in the transformation effectively. Then both new digital work technologies and a wide range of working environments can be used successfully with various work options and alternatives. In addition, collaboration among employees increases enormously, including across departmental boundaries.