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KAMINA – KArlsruher MIkro NAse – is the name of the technical principle behind the eNose , which has been developed by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) with its industrial partner smelldect GmbH from Deckenpfronn near Böblingen. In contrast to the expensive instruments available at the moment, which detect smells by means of a precise chemical analysis of gas components, the eNose should offer a cost-effective, fast solution that is easy to use to detect smells and, for example, trigger an alarm for the associated danger.

The artificial nose can be trained for various odors by the user and thus applied almost universally, as a fire alarm, for example, which detects substances when they are just beginning to smolder, in food control, in system monitoring and production control, medical technology, environmental monitoring and in the area of security. The artificial nose is just a few centimeters in size and consists of a chip with nano wires made of tin dioxide. The technology will soon be reduced in size to the point that it fits in a smartphone.

KIT has an eNose which is ready to use on show at Stand B16 in Hall 2 of the HANNOVER MESSE.