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Astron, based in Diekirch, Luxembourg, is the European market leader in economical, sustainable and environmentally friendly steel system construction. It makes no difference whether spacious warehouses or production halls are required or a bright, friendly office building. Astron also has prestigious retail and sales buildings in its repertoire, as well as sports halls and car dealerships.

Specialists in parking garage construction

The Luxembourg-based company is also a specialist in parking garage construction, as they have once again demonstrated with their latest project in Voiron, in the south-east of France. As part of an innovation project for a more sustainable city center, the municipality decided to build an Astron parking lot with a total of 240 parking spaces, which will improve the quality of life for residents.

Wide range of possible uses

The parking garage offers a mobility area for users of bicycles and scooters with secure parking spaces and the option of charging electric models, as well as additional repair and maintenance facilities for bicycles. The architecture blends harmoniously into the surroundings thanks to a façade designed like a forest: with wooden slats distributed in a random rhythm, creating a landscape image. There are also planted areas along the façade.

Satisfied city planner

The city planner in charge, Anthony Moreau, is delighted with this mobility solution: "The Astron mobility project has been designed to blend harmoniously into the cityscape while minimizing potential disruption to local residents. To achieve this, the parking lot has been carefully planned to minimize the visible impact, noise pollution and potential glare from vehicle headlights on local residents. As we also want to work ecologically, the footprint of the parking garage is as compact as possible so that new trees can be planted in the open space and the public space is increased. We want an ecological building that integrates perfectly. That's why we chose a harmonious mix of plants that bloom for a large part of the year and still have leaves in winter. In this project, we really went down to the smallest detail to improve our living environment."