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Feinguss Blank, based in the town of Riedlingen around 100 kilometers south of Stuttgart, has developed a precision casting solution for race cars that significantly reduces both component weight and manufacturing time. First, the company creates a digital twin of the desired component using data provided by the customer. The part is then optimized through manufacturing simulations. The engineers are especially interested in simulating alloy, topology, FEM and casting processes. This allows them to derive the optimal geometry and most appropriate materials while incorporating information about what the part will later be subjected to at the final site, as well as about the requirements of series production. Using these simulations, the company can then provide recommendations regarding materials, feasibility analyses and parts optimization.

The knowledge gained is then incorporated into the planning process for the precision casting. For prototype production, Feinguss Blank relies on additive manufacturing and 3D printing, which eliminates the time-consuming manufacturing process for suitable tool parts. The result? A considerably reduced time to market.