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For the simple and flexible integration of machines and devices into different industrial networks in the automation industry - basically an essential prerequisite for the most successful and profitable projects possible - many a system administrator would certainly like to have a kind of Babelfish to make the adjustments easier. The experts at Kunbus, responsible for industrial communication in automation, process, manufacturing and drive technology, now provide a variety of fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet protocols, at least for the powerful AM64x and AM243x processors from Texas Instruments, to equip automation devices with device/slave capabilities.

Continuous and fixed update cycles

The Swabian stacks are already fully integrated into Texas Instruments' AM64x and AM243x processors, both development-wise and licensing-wise. Continuous and defined update cycles of the stacks also guarantee that all devices always run with the latest protocol stacks.

Complicated was yesterday

According to Kunbus, the integrated IO-Link gateway interface ensures that data can be exchanged easily between the fieldbus and IO-Link levels. In this way, devices can be integrated into a network simultaneously as an IO-Link master and as a fieldbus device. The individual protocols run independently of each other on the different cores of the AM64x or AM243x processors, which should ensure the best possible performance and flexibility.

Protocol stacks already included in the processors

To make it as easy as possible to get started, the protocol stacks from Kunbus are supplied as standard in the official SDKs from Texas Instruments for the AM64x and AM243x processors. For later production use, the required stack licenses can be purchased directly from Texas Instruments together with the processors, reducing time, cost and effort.