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For around 195.6 million Swiss francs (172 million euros), Swisscom has acquired the majority of frequencies needed for 5G in Switzerland. Its competitors Salt and Sunrise won the rights to the remainder of the frequencies for 94.5 million francs (83 euros) and 89.2 francs (78.5 euros), respectively. The fourth bidder, British company Dense Air, left empty-handed.

However, it still remains unclear whether the relatively fanfare-free 5G auction in Switzerland might serve as a model for Germany. At the moment, several cases are pending against all mobile phone providers who registered for the auction. The bidding war, which had been scheduled for the second half of March, may be given a preliminary injunction, in particular due to the urgent appeal from Telefonica to the administrative court in Cologne. The bones of contention in Germany are the terms of contract: The German Federal Network Agency requires that successful bidders provide an extended network promptly and stipulates roaming agreements in the interest of smaller bidders. According to major players in the industry, these demands are unfeasible in their current form.