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Intralogistics provider Swisslog is planning and installing the automated compact storage system – AutoStore warehouse – at ROFU's logistics headquarters, with completion scheduled for May 2021. ROFU’s new AutoStore solution not only expands the toy retailer's intralogistics, which are currently mainly manual, but also make it faster as well as more flexible, more ergonomic and more economical. The product portfolio consists of roughly 3,500 items from ROFU’s small-toy range, which includes such brands such as Lego, Dickie, Playmobil, and Barbie.

The system initially comprises approximately 28,300 container storage locations operated by 57 robots. Eleven workstations connect to the cube, including five conveyor ports and six carousel ports. Sixty meters of Swisslog QuickMove container conveyor technology as well as the Swisslog warehouse management system SynQ complete the system.