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With a rated speed of 280,000 revolutions per minute in air, the new CT-17-700.GB and CT-17-1000.GB turbo compressors with gas bearings are unprecedented in terms of size, weight and excellent system efficiency. In addition to an unlimited service life in continuous operation, they deliver 100 percent oil- and lubricant-free air compression, a pressure ratio of up to 1.65, mass flow up to 24 g/s, total isentropic efficiency of 59 percent, and a rated maximum power of 1kW – all at a volume of just 530 cubic centimeters.

"The development of our gas bearing turbo compressors marks a historic milestone in the field of high-speed turbo compressors," says Christof Zwyssig, Managing Director and Head of Research & Development at Celeroton. "Initial customer feedback on our compressors during field tests has been excellent, confirming the highly innovative performance of our flagship product," adds Martin Bartholet, Managing Director and Head of Sales.

The technology developed by Celeroton AG opens up new horizons for application areas where the use of miniaturized turbo compressors has so far been extremely limited or not even possible at all. These new applications include oil-free compressed air supply for fuel cells, mobile respirators and oxygen concentrators, decentralized pneumatics (vacuum and compressed air production), high-tech blowers, and low-maintenance air conditioning and heat pumps that deliver maximum performance – in stationary applications and for heating and cooling systems in hybrid and electric cars. What’s more, the turbo compressors are fully compatible with the CC-230-3500 and CC-120-1000 Celeroton inverters, ensuring sensor-free speed control over the entire operating range. All in all, Celeroton AG is something of a one-stop shop for air supply solutions.