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The German branch of Tokyo-based company THK is exhibiting two highly promising prototypes at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 - the "ATMOS" humanoid sensing object and the "ARGUS MOVA" smart sensing seat. The "ATMOS" sensoroid, consists of a white "skeleton" and a whole load of plexiglass discs arranged to form the contours of the human body. Sensors can be inserted between the plexiglass disks to measure various types of data from the sensoroid's immediate surroundings, sending the information to a separate onscreen display. Thanks to FBL27D telescopic slide rails from THK, the chest cavity can also be opened up to allow easy installation and removal of the necessary measuring equipment. What's more, "ATMOS" also has a THK RF77F cross roller ring built into its waist so it can be repositioned with ease.

The intelligent "ARGUS MOVA" chair features a highly sensitive array of integrated sensors and an evaluation program for recording a range of parameters such as the user's breathing, heart rate and stress levels. The futuristic design of the "ARGUS MOVA", with its white shell-type seat and transparent acrylic legs, gives the impression that the seat is floating in mid-air. Thanks to its flexibility for styling, the "ARGUS MOVA" can be used in cars, trains and aircraft, but also anywhere where design really matters.