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TeamViewer is known for its desktop software of the same name that enables remote computers to be controlled via the Internet, whereby the connection is established via the company’s servers. The company now wants to also leverage this infrastructure for the (Industrial) Internet of Things. The product, called TeamViewer IoT , will equip devices in smart buildings, retail, and farming, as well as in Industry 4.0 for remote and predictive maintenance.

The software is initially available only for the Linux distribution Raspbian , designed for the minicomputer Raspberry Pi . Releases for other IoT platforms will follow over the coming weeks and months. The program provides a graphical dashboard, via which the connected devices can be easily monitored. To facilitate adaptation to different systems, TeamViewer provides a software development kit and an MQTT API. IoT device data can also be transferred to other systems via a REST API.

When creating the new solution, TeamViewer focused predominately on security . The IoT software consequently comes with end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication.