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Experts believe that these companies are more successful in using digitization for their business success. But what does this "Tech Intensity" actually mean? And what advantages does it bring? This is what a Microsoft study has revealed.

According to the study, companies are technologically more advanced when they:

Keep the pace of new technology adoption high and already operate all or part of their IT infrastructure in a hyper-scalable cloud environment

make the rational business decision to integrate IT innovations not only operationally but also sustainably into their strategy and to invest in technical capacities and competencies,

and have developed comprehensive security concepts for their IT and OT environments, as well as for their products and services, in order to strengthen customer trust in the technology.

More equal opportunities through public cloud

Until just a few years ago, smaller companies in particular were faced with major challenges: Hyperscalable cloud resources were only accessible to corporations whose IT infrastructure was particularly powerful. This has changed with modern public cloud offerings, because today such resources can be scaled up or down as needed. Companies of all sizes can work with a powerful, highly available and secure cloud infrastructure and deploy it on demand according to their requirements.

Sustainable capacity building in companies

However, in order to be able to use "Tech Intensity" as a measure of success, it is not enough to invest only in technology and digital resources. It also includes the development of digital skills. A recent Microsoft study on the use of AI , for example, shows that companies can best meet the strong demand for such skilled workers by promoting the further training of their staff. For example, 93.8 percent of the managers surveyed in companies with a high level of technology say that they are actively building up digital skills in-house or plan to do so in order to benefit from a high level of technology in the long term. So that the "Tech Intensity" continues to lead to more business success.