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To build a high-performance IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure, industry needs fast, secure, high-capacity networks. 5G Technology offers the best prerequisites for this, but usually has to be installed by a specialized service provider. Deutsche Telekom and Swedish mobile equipment supplier Ericsson have now announced a strategic partnership to build Campus Networks , i.e. 5G or LTE networks that are available exclusively on company premises. 5G technology in particular offers higher transmission rates and lower latency times than the WLANs or wired LANs previously used, making it perfect for networking sensors and machines as part of an Industry 4.0 concept.

The two companies see manufacturing facilities, logistics centers, airports, and seaports as potential customers. They want to offer them private cellular networks in which they can use dedicated spectrums and Quality of Service mechanisms. In a 5G network, companies can, for example, control and monitor IoT applications in their operations in real time, such as centrally controlled industrial robots and driverless transport systems.