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Predictive maintenance (PdM) offers a whole host of advantages over its more basic relative "preventive maintenance", because it responds to the actual status of equipment instead of relying on pure averages. As well as increased plant safety, plant availability and service life, these advantages naturally also include the resulting cost savings. The often very painful consequences of unexpected equipment failure will largely be avoided in the future. But how can these types of measures be implemented? Nuremberg-based Baumüller GmbH is at HANNOVER MESSE 2017 to premiere its BAUDIS IoT service, a predictive maintenance system that offers a whole host of possibilities.

Broadly speaking, BAUDIS IoT consists of networked sensors, the BAUDIS IoT box and a software solution with big data algorithms. Data collected by the sensors on site is used to report impending damage via the BAUDIS IoT box to service staff, who can then make an appropriately swift response. As the system can be used regardless of the make of the automation components and sensor technology, it can also be easily retrofitted in existing equipment. Besides its actual PdM functions, BAUDIS IoT also generates strong added value, as the big data analysis for maintenance can also be used for process optimization. For example, emission increases and the rated loads of production facilities can be optimized thanks to continuous condition monitoring, without damaging the facilities.