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As early as November 2018, the Central Ruhr Valley Chamber of Commerce plans on offering a new multi-day certificate course with a focus on additive manufacturing in cooperation with the 3D printing specialists of Ruhrsource on the premises of its Bochum Education Center. It should help the industry to obtain urgently needed specialist staff. Since the courses are aimed specifically at master craftsmen and engineers in the companies, they are also suitable as a continuing education opportunity for existing staff.

The eight-day course, which is divided into two sessions, covers different areas of additive manufacturing processes and ranges from basic knowledge on creating 3D projects, editing 3D data and an introduction to CAD programs to creating your own designs, the reworking of workpieces and the question of the right choice of equipment and materials for different purposes. There is an increasing urgency within the industry for such additional education and training opportunities: According to a Joblift Study , job growth in the area of additive manufacturing in 2017 was just under 90%.