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The European Internet-of-Energy project with German participation is designed for a three-year period and intended to support the qualification of employees as well as the application of IoE technologies in companies. The Polytechnic of Medium-Sized Enterprises in Bielefeld ( Fachhochschule des Mittelstands (FHM) Bielefeld ) is acting as the academic partner.

Using the intelligent Internet of Things sensors in power grids makes it possible to design entirely new business models for the energy market, emphasizes Dr. Hamid Doost Mohammadian, strategic planning specialist and scientific project leader at the FHM. "With the IoE project, we intend to make companies aware of this innovative technology." At the beginning, among other things, a comprehensive online survey of companies that operate at the interface of the energy industry and the IT sector will be carried out. The survey should clarify questions about the current state of knowledge, the expectations and the implementation of relevant educational offers.

The Internet of Energy plays a particularly important role for Germany due to the energy transition. The Federation of German Industries (BDI) has long been calling for the promotion of an Internet of Energy, with which "the highest possible efficiency gains in the use of scarce energy resources can be achieved thanks to intelligent coordination of generation and consumption". The publication from which this quote was taken already appeared back in 2008 – a good thing is sometimes worth waiting for.