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Most smartphones from around 100 manufacturers worldwide are manufactured in low-wage countries, especially in Southeast Asia. With its new model GS 185, the German company Gigaset now shows that through consistent implementation of the Industry 4.0 concepts, production within Germany is possible too. The GS 185 is produced entirely in Bocholt, Germany and is available at a price of 179.00 euros.

Gigaset has been working on an Industry 4.0 production concept since 2014. Sample series were manufactured in 2016 and 2017 with which the company optimized the production line and prepared its first large-scale production. Gigaset relied heavily on human-machine interaction. The manufacturer mentioned that the advantages of production in Germany are the higher flexibility in complying with the wishes of specialized trade and large customers, logistic benefits because of the central location, as well as the good reputation, which products manufactured in Germany enjoy abroad. Added to this is the fact that it will secure around 550 jobs at the Bocholt plant.