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Sensosurf - a high-tech startup founded in Bremen, Germany, in 2016 - develops innovative sensor integration solutions. Its aim is to use intelligent machine components to provide even more reliable information for predictive maintenance in the future. To this end, the company installs its sensors directly in components such as bearings and screws in order to measure mechanical loads at locations where conventional sensor solutions reach their limits. It was with this in mind that Sensosurf presented the world’s first intelligent flange and pedestal bearings at HANNOVER MESSE 2017.

These smart bearings measure forces that act directly on them and generate application-specific data that was not previously available. In this way, manufacturers of conveyor systems, construction and agricultural machinery and oil and gas facilities receive concrete and detailed information on the status of plant and machinery and thus benefit from the enhanced possibilities of predictive maintenance. As well as the resulting increase in customer loyalty and the expansion of the service portfolio, they also offer the actual machine operators unprecedented levels of process reliability.