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The IERA Awar d (Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Robotics and Automation) is awarded annually by the World Robot Association IFR along with the Robotics and Automation Society of the International Association of Engineers ( IEEE-RAS ). The jury selected three winners in 2018. The internationally certified lightweight robot, LBR Med , produced by KUKA, can be used in medical research and practice as a robot assistant and, with its highly sensitive sensors, is suitable for human-robot collaboration. The cowshed cleaning robot, Discovery 120 Collector made by Lely International is controlled by built-in sensors on a programmed route through the cowshed and sucks up the cow manure with a vacuum pump. Once the device is full, it automatically drives to an unloading station and empties itself there. Perception Robotics ( now OnRobot ) has developed the Gecko Gripper , based on work by NASA (JPL) and Stanford University, which is a gripping solution for the manufacturing industry. The technology imitates nature. Like geckos, which can cling to smooth surfaces with their feet thanks to billions of tiny hairs, the robotic arm of the Gecko Gripper has millions of tiny stalks that have such a high adhesive effect that it can grip and move even sheet metal or glass.