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The German Aerospace Center's (DLR) stand (Hall 13, D62), located within the Energy Solutions section, is designed to give visitors an insight into how DLR's research projects are making the economy successful and working with companies to shape the future of the industry, energy and mobility sectors. Two DLR spin-offs, Leverage Robotics and Volateq, will also be represented at the HANNOVER MESSE stand.

Leverage Robotics specialises in the development of robot assembly stations for the automation of small and medium-sized series. At these stations, humans and machines are to work together efficiently and safely in the "factory of the future". According to Leverage Robotics, small and medium-sized companies in particular could benefit from the flexible and intelligent automation solutions and thus become more competitive. At HANNOVER MESSE, the "Flexible Robot Station" exhibit in particular will demonstrate how new methods, technologies and system components help to significantly reduce set-up times and drastically cut costs. "End-of-arm technologies" (EQAT) with an innovative tool concept also enable the handling of different objects in multitask applications and are quickly adaptable thanks to intuitive programming. Applications in logistics, assembly, quality or packaging of complex projects can thus be implemented quickly and easily.

Volateq, on the other hand, has developed user-friendly software with intelligent image analysis to automatically record and monitor the condition of solar power plants using commercially available drones. In this way, photovoltaic and solar thermal power plants can be optimally operated and efficiently maintained. Damaged spots are quickly detected, the degree of contamination of solar cells can be determined as well as leaks of the heat transfer medium in collectors of solar thermal power plants. For the most meaningful measurements possible, Volateq programmes individual flight routes and makes them available to the customer. This should enable fast, robust and simple data collection and thus also user-friendly integration into the operating routine of the power plants. After the automated image evaluation, the results on the condition of the power plant can be viewed in a specially developed web app.