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Artificial intelligence is "fuel for growth," according to the authors of Accenture’s latest AI study . They argue that alongside the ITC industry and financial services providers, the manufacturing industry stands to benefit most from AI. According to the study, corporate profits will rise sharply thanks to artificial intelligence, increasing by an average of 38% by 2035. The basis for this is process optimization through intelligent automation, the extension of both human capabilities and the physical means of production as well as significantly accelerated innovation. This forecast in turn is based on the idea that modern, intelligent manufacturing 4.0 requires new and disruptive technologies such as AI to build industrial plants and supply networks that are flexible and efficient, as well as responsive and secure.

The study estimates the additional gross value added of the robotic economy in Germany at almost 1 trillion euros within the next 20 years, placing the Federal Republic of Germany near the middle of the pack in a comparison of countries . The productivity of employees in this country will also increase by 29%, as many workflows would be made more efficient and employees could concentrate more on tasks with high added value.