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According to the Bonn-based market and economic research company EuPD Research , the German sales market for home storage device installations has developed in a very positive direction in the first six months of 2019. Among other things, the reason for this is the continuous increase in new installations of small photovoltaic systems, which have gone up by 15% in this period. Other causes include the increase in electricity prices for private households, regional funding programs for home storage devices and falling prices for photovoltaic and storage systems.

For the first six months of 2019, EuPD Research estimates that there were 28,900 home storage device installations (new installations and retrofitted equipment for existing PV systems) on the German market. As experience shows that more PV systems are installed in the second six months of the year and so, accordingly, are more home storage systems, around 60,500 storage system installations are forecast for Germany in the whole of 2019. This means year-on-year growth of a third. As in previous years, the leading provider is the Bavarian company sonnen, followed by the Asian manufacturers BYD and LG Chem , and the German producers E3/DC and SENEC .