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With over 40 years of hands-on experience, MPDV helps production companies as they strive to become smart factories. Thank to products such as the HYDRA manufacturing execution system (MES) and the manufacturing integration platform (MIP), MPDV helps companies make their production processes more efficient so they can stay one step ahead of the competition. According to MPDV, its smart software solutions are used every day by over 800,000 people in more than 1,250 production companies around the world. The company is at HANNOVER MESSE 2019 to showcase its latest solution, which uses executable models to make predictions.

MPDV works on the principle that the basic assumption when predicting quality is that wastage and reworking can still occur, even if all process parameters remain within the applicable tolerances. MPDV believes there are three steps to achieving predictive quality: (1) collect process data and correlate it with reliable quality data, (2) develop predictive models, and (3) execute the models and predict the quality based on real-time data. In addition to actually predicting quality (i.e. pass or fail), the system is also designed to determine the probability of each prediction. At HANNOVER MESSE 2019, MPDV is giving live demonstrations to show how this new predictive quality application works and the different ways it can be integrated into MES systems, such as HYDRA.