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Almost all logistics processes in the Port of Hamburg are already digitally controlled. The innovative concept covers rail, water and road traffic and, according to the operator, is now 95% digitized . About 2,000 companies are connected to the automated data collection and analysis system. More innovations are expected to follow, such as the comprehensive introduction of a 5G network, the use of artificial intelligence for enhanced traffic control, and the use of drones.

Although they are already being used at individual terminals, they are scheduled soon to monitor the entire infrastructure automatically, providing information from under the water as well as from the air about quay walls, the Elbe riverbed and the suspension cables of bridges. The City of Hamburg also aims to benefit from the port's experience and take it into account in planning its transport system. Process automation is also moving ahead in other European ports. The Port of Rotterdam is currently exploring autonomous shipping opportunities to increase the safety of the port's logistics.