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Ultrasound technology in itself is nothing new - originally inspired by the echolocation techniques that bats use, we humans now harness the waves for our own purposes, even if we can’t actually hear them. For some time now, ultrasound has been used to produce the much-cherished first images of prenatal babies, as well as to clean dentures and glasses and make high-precision distance measurements in industrial applications. However, the approach that Munich-based Toposens GmbH has developed really is new. The company’s innovative 3D ultrasound sensor technology is designed to help robots "see" - just like bats! At HANNOVER MESSE 2017, the Bavarians are presenting both a brand new prototype and their first market-ready product - an Evaluation Kit for R&D departments.

Toposens is also running live demos of a controller based on its 3D ultrasound sensor technology, enabling game play via gesture recognition. Further possible real-world applications include screen navigation in cars and other household displays - and that's just the start. In fact, the innovative technology makes the sensors so compact, powerful, precise and robust that they can be used just about anywhere. For instance, they can also be installed to identify, count and track people in smart buildings, generating data that can be used for optimizing business in stores and for smart heating and lighting control in offices. The potential that this innovative, cost-effective technology opens up is virtually unlimited - head to the "Batmen" themselves to find out more.