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PIAB picobot

The concept of cobots - collaborative robots - can be traced back to two professors at Northwestern University in the United States. In 1996, they were the first to equip robots with sensors and visual recognition technology so they could be operated safely in close proximity to people. Today's cobots are now so advanced that they can genuinely interact with people in a shared workspace. The safety barriers and cages that have commonly been needed to protect employees are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. PIAB Vakuum GmbH aims to take the lead in this trend, especially as market analysts are forecasting a bright future for this robotics sector with strong growth opportunities. This is set to become a reality with piCOBOT, a cleverly equipped plug-and-play add-on for cobot arms that is based on PIAB’s signature vacuum technology.

piCOBOT is the new version of the flagship piCOMPACT vacuum generator and boasts adjustable and flexible grippers that can be fitted with a range of different suction cups. PIAB has designed piCOBOT so that it can be mounted onto any cobot arm. "piCOBOT is a true plug-and-play cobot end tool that is genuinely simple to use even for novices. We have selected features that enable energy-optimized and safe operation," says Josef Karbassi, Vice President of PIAB's Automation Division. Adaptable, powerful and lightweight, piCOBOT offers the "extra pair of hands" so often needed, making it an ideal flexible "co-worker" for a variety of production, packaging and assembly lines.