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Although robots are once again on everyone's lips with the digitization of production processes, the first were built as early as the 18th century, if not before. By contrast, 1996 - the year EASY-ROB Software GmbH was founded - seems positively recent. Yet the promise of the "easy way to robotics" offered by the EASY-ROB simulation system is now backed up by over 20 years of experience. The system is a program package specially designed for easy and cost-effective use on Windows PCs. Besides being extremely user-friendly, it is also a comprehensive simulation solution. EASY-ROB saves time and money at all stages, from the automation idea all the way through to startup. The development of automation scenarios is closely aligned to customer needs and covers all major types of robots.

However, as already suggested, the fourth industrial revolution has breathed new life into the robotics sector and this has once again boosted demand for planning and simulation software in production facilities. EASY-ROB is thus at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 to premiere its Robotics Simulation Kernel, which now offers users over 1,000 types of robots for kinematic calculations, including a trajectory planner for various PTP, SLEW, LIN and CIRC movements. As with the EASY-ROB DLL version, the EASY-ROB Robotics Simulation Kernel is designed to be integrated into technology-based software applications from OEM partners. While this provides API functions and services for robot functionality, the host application takes charge of the 3D visualization, the management of all the geometries and the handles of all the kinematics. The EASY-ROB Robotics Simulation Kernel supplies a handle for each set of kinematics loaded. Existing robots, devices and tools can be loaded, interlinked and controlled via the API.