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Picking up different objects from a box – bin picking – is one of the hardest tasks for robot or cobot arms. One problem is recognising the objects reliably; another is the great effort needed to train the robot to cope with the different shapes. The Munich company Robominds has now developed a system that helps robots recognize objects automatically and grip them at the right points, without any programming.

Robobrain-Vision is a bin-picking solution that consists of a 3D stereo camera and AI software that runs on a powerful computer. The camera takes high-resolution images of the work area, and the software then determines the gripping points of the unsorted workpieces. The material, shape and surface do not matter and the items can even overlap. The system can also deal with varying lighting conditions.

Interaction with a cobot from the market leader Universal Robots works via a UR plug-in. Interfaces also make the system compatible with other robots and cobots, such as those made by Kuka and Franka. Robominds sees the logistics industry as the most important area of application.