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According to IDC (International Data Corporation), the global edge computing market is facing a massive growth spurt. As a result, more and more compute, network and storage resources are required locally and in close proximity to realize business-critical processes and IT applications that rely on network connectivity to the cloud. However, configuring, deploying and maintaining the supporting IT infrastructure for multiple, geographically dispersed sites presents unique challenges.

More power in less space

For example, space is often at a premium in distributed IT and edge environments. The key here is to maximize the available IT space and use it as efficiently as possible. With the APC Smart-UPS Ultra series, French electronics specialist Schneider Electric has now introduced a modern 1-phase double-conversion UPS system with lithium-ion technology, which is designed to provide professional performance in the smallest possible space while remaining flexible. The models are thus perfect for protecting IT systems at remote locations or within edge computing environments.

Reduced maintenance costs thanks to lithium-ion technology

As essential as effective power management is for IT environments, regularly checking UPS systems, especially at multiple distributed sites, can result in high maintenance costs. That's why it's good to know that the APC Smart-UPS Ultra's lithium-ion battery is designed to last up to three times longer than a conventional VRLA battery and does not require replacement under normal operating conditions. This helps reduce or eliminate costly battery replacements, labor and service charges, and expensive on-site maintenance calls. The APC Smart-UPS Ultra is available now within Europe and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The first of its kind

"To meet the digital demands of the future, local, regional and cloud data centers must be designed to be sustainable, resilient, efficient and adaptable. With the introduction of the APC Smart-UPS Ultra, Schneider Electric continues to innovate and address the needs of its customers," said Tarunjeet Sarao, senior vice president, Transactional & Edge Line of Business at Schneider Electric. "The first of its kind, the APC Smart-UPS Ultra redefines the single-phase UPS by making it lighter and more powerful thanks to next-generation semiconductor technology. It also uses lithium-ion technology to safely power distributed IT and edge computing sites so our digital lives can continue to run continuously."