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There are many reasons for automating processes and workflows, including a shortage of skilled workers, rationalization measures, quality optimization or simply the acceleration of operations. Often, there are even several of these arguments in favor of automation. However, when it comes to automating processes that mainly depend on the senses of experienced skilled workers, such as bin picking, i.e. reaching into a box whose contents are chaotically distributed, the only solution is to reach into another box, often called a trick box. This bin picking naturally presents robotic systems with a number of problems, since our mechanical helpers prefer each movement and operation to be precisely defined, i.e. programmed, in advance. It is in the nature of developers and engineers not to rest on their laurels, but to find new ways to achieve even greater performance. For example, OMRON ELECTRONICS has now introduced a new 3D vision sensor designed to reliably detect randomly arranged products in bulk material for automated part pickup.

The advantage of a trained eye

OMRONS new FH-SMD series 3D vision sensor is both small and lightweight, making it ideal for mounting directly on a robotic arm. The whole thing can be done without auxiliary equipment or special mounting tools, saving space and time. In addition, the sensor can thus be quickly placed elsewhere if necessary to obtain a more favorable viewing angle. This prevents so-called blind spots and increases reliability when detecting parts. A 3D measurement technology, which has also been newly developed, provides additional support; all in all, the entire process of 3D measurement and 3D detection takes less than half a second. With these capabilities, the new OMRON FH-SMD 3D vision system is ideally suited for the assembly of mass-produced parts, for example, to automate manufacturing processes in the automotive sector in a straightforward manner.

Easy setup without instructions

The changeover is also facilitated by intuitive software including a wizard that guides users step-by-step through the acquisition settings - from camera settings to calibration.