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Based in Hovik, Norway, Hystar is a highly developed, well-funded start-up founded as a spin-off from SINTEF, one of Europe's largest independent research organizations. As a fast-growing, diverse and versatile team of passionate people, Hystar's mission is to develop breakthrough solutions for PEM electrolysis. And today, Hystar says it already stands for the world's most efficient PEM electrolyzers, making the production of hydrogen from renewable electricity significantly more affordable and therefore more accessible.

Key to the energy transition

The foundation of the company is the conviction that green hydrogen is the key to the energy transition. As a highly efficient energy carrier, green hydrogen has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in many applications. A conviction that is also reflected in the name of the start-up, because after all, not only the stars, but in fact almost the entire universe - if you add up all the atoms - is largely made of hydrogen.

The modular approach

A key aspect of Hystar is its modular approach, as it makes it much easier to scale up the production of green hydrogen. The core of the technology is the stack. Three stacks are combined to form a module, and several modules in turn form module units, which can then be scaled up to form different systems. These larger systems are then either housed in containers or integrated directly into suitable buildings. Hystar's systems are essentially divided into the Vega, Mira and Orion systems in terms of size and function.


Vega is optimized for high efficiency and is the obvious choice for systems where energy costs make up a large part of the total cost, for example in large industrial applications. Hystar's innovative and patented designs provide a significant step forward in terms of electrolyzer stack performance and open up new possibilities for PEM electrolysis. Compared to conventional PEM electrolysers, Vega has a ten percent lower energy consumption and still offers the same great flexibility and partial load possibilities as other PEM electrolysers.


Mira is designed to provide optimized performance for systems powered by intermittent energy sources such as wind, solar or unregulated hydropower. Mira is also ideal for applications with a variable hydrogen production rate or where the demand for hydrogen fluctuates. Mira offers great flexibility in terms of production rates and can reduce capital investment costs compared to conventional PEM electrolyzers.


Orion is the modular solution for extremely large systems and will be the ideal choice if you want to build a veritable hydrogen factory. Orion is a constellation of either Vega or Mira stacks - a combination is also possible - which are packed together to save space and enable a very small plant footprint. Orion can therefore be designed to provide optimized performance for high efficiency or high production rates.