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The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) that Roboyo GmbH from Baldham in Upper Bavaria, Germany, is unveiling in the Young & Innovative Digital Factory is an innovative technology for automating structured business processes. The company is in Hannover to show how RPA can work like a virtual employee to interact with applications’ user interfaces and carry out structured processes automatically.

The company name Roboyo derives from the word robot and the Spanish term for help, "apoyo", which neatly sums up what RPA does - it provides robots that help. In actual fact, this doesn’t mean a humanoid co-worker built from steel and circuit boards sitting at a keyboard and operating business applications such as ERP systems, PLM systems, Office applications, etc., but rather a virtual binary assistant, made up of ones and zeros - in other words, a software robot. It works round the clock, makes no mistakes, cuts costs and documents all work seamlessly. All in all, this makes RPA an extremely handy assistant for mastering the strategic challenges presented by the digital revolution, Industry 4.0 and the changing world of work - and it represents another revolutionary step in intelligent process automation.

Roboyo GmbH (85598 Baldham, Germany), Hall 6, Stand K46/1, Topic: Young & Innovative Pavilion, Digital Factory, co-exhibitor with Young Innovative Companies