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HIWIN GmbH, based in Offenburg, Germany, is a globally active specialist in both standard and customised drive solutions and is thus, according to its own statement, available to provide advice and support for any motion task. In addition to profile rail guides, ball screws and electric lifting cylinders, the portfolio therefore also includes complete positioning systems including belt and spindle axes, linear motor axes, rotary tables, torque motors, displacement measuring systems and, of course, industrial robots. The company's own production in the Ortenau district is also intended to guarantee short delivery times and the highest quality. HIWIN's range is rounded off by proven specialists who actively support users with their expertise in set-up, maintenance and repairs. In the run-up to HANNOVER MESSE 2023, where HIWIN will traditionally present its latest achievements, the company is expanding the accessories for its LMFA and LMFP series of water-cooled linear motors with the LMFC precision forcer cooler and a stator cover.

Heat transfer is reduced to a minimum

Due to the fact that most of the electrical power is converted in the forcer or primary part of the linear motor, the majority of the waste heat is also generated there. The greatest improvements can therefore be achieved by using a precision cooler directly at the forcer, including integration into the existing cooling circuit. For the best possible effect, the coolant inlet of the precision cooler should be connected directly to the coolant outlet of the machine's cooling system, and the coolant outlet of the precision cooler should in turn be connected to the coolant inlet of the forcer. This ensures the best possible thermal decoupling and cooling of the linear motor. According to HIWIN, the resulting particularly stable thermal conditions ensure an absolutely constant production process with increased continuous load capacity and improved efficiency.

Well protected even in harsh environments

In addition, HIWIN provides new sheet metal covers made of stainless steel to protect the stators from mechanical damage caused by metal chips or other particles. The stator covers are lightly magnetised and available in segmented or one-piece versions and are fixed purely by magnetic attraction or additionally by clamping on the face.