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Plastics specialist Pöppelmann from Lohne in Lower Saxony has been dedicated to the advantages of the circular economy for some time. As part of its company-wide "Pöppelmann blue" campaign, the northern German company is increasingly focusing on the use of recycled plastics. The declared aim of the campaign is to increase the recycling rate of plastics, close material cycles and thus ensure more sustainability in the use of scarce resources.

Blue like an angel

In cooperation with its customers, the Pöppelmann KAPSTO Division had already tested the collection and recycling of protective elements as part of a pilot project. In 2019, two previously existing standard series then appeared for the first time in the range of the standard programme as resource-saving alternatives in the colour "Recycling Blue": the GPN 608, a cone closure with a side flap, and GPN 610, a universal protection in a conical shape. And although both are made of 100 per cent recycled material in the plastic used (post-consumer recycled polypropylene - or PCR-PP for short), they were able to boast the same KAPSTO quality as the existing standard series. Since the beginning of 2020, the two protective elements, which are available directly from stock, have even been awarded the Blue Angel.

Pöppelmann's contribution to the traffic turnaround

Encouraged by this success, Pöppelmann has followed suit and now also offers the GPN 380, GPN 384 and GPN 385 high-voltage connector caps and covers made of 100 percent PCR-PP. They are intended for use in parts and components of hybrid or electric vehicles. There, they are to reliably protect the plugs of various manufacturers, for example in the area of batteries, air-conditioning systems, heaters and more, from corrosion, contamination and mechanical damage. The GPN 380 high-voltage connector cap is available in two different shapes and is suitable for high-voltage connector systems from the manufacturers Rosenberger and TE Connectivity. The GPN 384, in turn, is used for high-voltage contact connections (HVS 420) from Rosenberger. Depending on their design and quality, the blue caps offer high-voltage connectors protection against splashing water from all directions in accordance with protection class IPX4. In addition, Pöppelmann has provided the connector caps with non-slip grip surfaces to enable quick removal.

Would you like a little more protection?

The GPN 385 connector cover can be used for various high-voltage contact connections from the manufacturer TE Connectivity. In addition to the obligatory non-slip grip surface, the protective cap is intended to ensure reliable sealing during high-pressure or steam jet cleaning in accordance with IPX9K, again depending on the specific design and quality of the connector. All three standard series can also be manufactured according to VDA Volume 19 and ISO 16232 in specially equipped clean rooms if required.