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The developers at the start-up Accelerated Innovation are coming to Hannover to exhibit their new platform designed to speed up industrial innovations. They help companies stay one step ahead in their development work with a fully digitized process chain, as the results from simulations and optimizations can be fed back directly to the platform where they can be accessed - even by partners - across companies, significantly reducing the time to market. As you might expect of a company exhibiting alongside Leichtbau BW GmbH, the start-up is putting lightweight engineering center stage at Hannover and demonstrating how optimization potential can be fully harnessed from the very beginning. Thanks to a fully digitized process chain, users can also use several iteration loops to factor in interactions between individual lightweight engineering measures and make further improvements.

"Our platform is a bit like a time machine," explains Christian Ludwig, Marketing Manager at Accelerated Innovation, before pointing out the benefits of being able to run through various future development scenarios: "If you know what the final outcome will be, you can take it into account in the decisions you make now. By using our platform, customers can save time and money, boost their productivity and ultimately offer their customers better products. This means even small companies can hold their own with the big players," says Ludwig, who draws on an example to explain how the platform works: "A part's digital twin is stored on the platform. We then use this depiction of the real part to provide various simulations and optimizations. This is much faster than testing a real part and also eliminates the need to build a prototype and send the part back and forth."

Dr. Wolfgang Seeliger, Managing Director of Leichtbau BW, also explains how the start-up’s solutions can help unlock potential for lightweight engineering: "The complex simulations and feedback loops used in lightweight engineering depend on digitization. A fully digitized process chain can boost the overall optimization potential during product development - especially if lightweight engineering has been taken into account from the very beginning," says Dr. Seeliger, citing another example: "Products optimized for lightweight engineering weigh less, which benefits the customer because, for example, they can then fit out their machines with more compact motors that consume less energy because they have to move less mass."